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What to pay attention to, when choosing any model of Aislemaster?

Carrying capacity and lift height of the most popular model of Aislemaster

You need to know the maximum weight and dimensions of the cargo, which you process and maximum lifting height of fork to determine the capacity of the truck. Large load shifts the center of gravity of the vehicle while reducing the height of lifting. Each truck has a diagram showing a linear dependence of the mass of the load and the height of its ascent. In the event of structural changes in the loader, the scheme must be replaced. The question arises, and maybe easier to use once more powerful truck? However, when using a more powerful technique, we automatically get wider aisles for its stock, which leads to a decrease of number of palleo-places, and, accordingly, less turnover.


Options of the mast of the most popular model of Aislemaster

One-, two-, three-, four-sectioned mast. It reflects the number of sections of the masts. In most cases, you do not need to make any choice, because the desired lifting height is initially laid. However, it should be noted that the use of four-section mast give you an advantage in the overall height of the mast folded, compared to a three-section, which is significantly higher in the folded position. In the case of the low-pass or the entrance to the warehouse, it will save you from having to change the height of the entrance gate.

Types and the most popular model of Aislemaster

Over the past two decades, look at the handling and storage of materials has changed. The materials that the manufacturer had supplied within six months, it was necessary to keep them very tight. While to date the manufacturer delivers materials within two weeks. However, this does not negate the question of storage and rational use of space, and changes the characteristics of long-term storage with high density storage up short. For the process of loading / unloading important issue is to determine the width of the passages on the rocks. The best way to address this issue is a combination of the proper use of space, safety and cost of warehouse equipment. To suggest that the permeability of stock does not change, or that you will always use this warehouse is a mistake, which later can cost you dearly. You must first select the type of forklift to be used. Each truck has its own characteristics of the load, which can not be major changes. This means that choose a truck you decide the actual width of the aisle.

Types of aisles: Fork-lift truck, used for processing and storage of piece goods, classified according to the width of the passage, which is calculated in inches:

– Wide aisle for which is used a conventional forklift truck. These trucks are used in the aisles over 11′-12

– Narrow aisle. Trucks running in the aisles of 8 ‘to 10’. Trucks in very narrow passages (less than 6′) work with guidance systems (rail, optical, etc.).

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