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Top 5 Christmas Themed Cars

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Christmas is my favourite time of the year because it is that time where you can go glitter and tinsel crazy by decorating every inch of your lives in fun and festive themes of bright colours without looking like a crazy person.

You have probably gone down the traditional route of getting your Christmas tree up on December 1st and covering it in matching baubles, bright lights and topping it off with a pretty little angel on top. However since you have turned your house and probably your office desk into a miniature version of Santa’s grotto why leave your car out? From our commute to and from work to trips to the shops, we can all agree that we spend most of our time in our cars especially with all the shopping trips that are required over this Christmas rush.

With the weather being as glum and wet as it is, what better way to pick your spirits up in the torrential rain and stand still traffic than by sharing the Christmas spirit with your beloved car? The sky is definitely the limit with Christmas car pimping which is why we just had to team up with Quick Sell Your Car to create an article featuring all of the best and craziest Christmas themed car’s that have been pimped out especially for our favourite time of the festive year.


If you are in competition with your neighbours on who can come up with the craziest and most Christmasy of ideas then the owner of this car is definitely the winner in our eyes.  This Santa’s Grotto themed car has got to be my favourite out of all the Christmas car’s featured within this article. With its white snow base and antler feature, what’s not to love about this crazy car?!

For those of you who like the scarier side of Christmas nights then this is the perfect Christmas themed car for you. This Nightmare Before Christmas car has got to be the most clean and crisp looking of all the cars featured in this article and was created for all the fans of our personal favourite Christmas film.


This car is probably the perfect car for a 21st Century Santa. Forget about a sleigh and reindeers, all you need is a Christmas tree on top of your car and plenty of festive Christmas lights and you will be ready to deliver presents, providing you have a fuel efficient car that’s good for long distance driving.

This car is probably the least appealing on the eye of all the Christmas themed cars however, it does fit its purpose. Whether this was a jolly festive prank or someone trying to show their neighbours how putting up Christmas decorations are done, we are definitely big fans of this botch job Christmas parade car!

We have definitely left the best till last with this Olaf style Christmas car. You will be sure to light up your little ones faces with this Christmas themed car on their favourite time of the year as well as bringing in the win for having the best Christmas decorations on the street in 2015!

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