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Take a Safe Drive with Aviva Insurance for UberXDriver in Toronto

Who in the world doesn’t know the importance of insurance?  Age years ago, there were only few companies who provided insurance to people and that too only on the life! Term it as a kind of security of life; not of the insurer but the security of people survive on him/her. The scenario of insurance has changed with the passage of time and today we have insurance not only on our life but on tangible products which are damageable. It may be your house, office, the damageable properties or products you hold for example your precious car or your favourite bike.

Today, in this busy world, one must insure their life with certain policies. It brings, to cover their life with care within their coverage policy. Insurance policies are covering all kinds of people in a society. Such as government employees, businessmen, celebrities, and drivers, farmers and so on. There are many insurance companies who provide you insurance on your vehicles and also on your costly products. The Aviva Insurance’s Canadian section has come up with new offer to the drivers of Toronto.

Aviva Insurance has offered a ride-sharing insurance to the UberX driver in Toronto. UberX is one of the most used taxi services in Canada and there are many people who earn their survival with this service provider. The new declaration has brought a new wave of change in this section of industry. The Aviva Insurance coverage is uniquely designed for ride sharing services UberX in Toronto. As the ride sharing services have increased in recent years, most of the insurance companies give a protection only to the vehicle owned by the owner or the driver has only coverage for himself. This new plan by Aviva Insurance for UberX driver in Toronto gives protection for both driver and passengers.

This covers a period asset term all possible dangers. It also protects you from legal liabilities, claims made a third party who has been injured or whose property has been damaged in an accident involving your vehicle. The coverage also insures all the accessories included in your vehicle. You have the option to purchase personal accident cover of yourself and other passengers through the Aviva Insurance. The driver who drives you is your employee for the moment and you are liable to pay for any injuries or damages that happen while driving your car.In case you feel confident of your driving abilities, you might want to take on some of the risks and opt for what is formed as a higher voluntary excess.

Though the insurance company provides you the service for your protection there are certain conditions when you will be not be liable to claim the policy. If you are an UberX driver and meets any accidents while providing your ride-sharing service, under the influence of liquor, drugs or intoxicants, you will not be liable to get your insurance. The company may also cancel your claim. Any accidental damage or liability caused under any agreement pertaining to the vehicle which is not intimated under insurance company.

Basic auto insurance is mandatory throughout Canada with each province’s government determining which benefits are included as minimum required auto insurance coverage and which benefits average is mandatory everywhere except for are options available for those seeking additional coverage.

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