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Sand, Sunblock and Saltwater: Keeping Your Car Clean During a Day at the Beach

Spending a day at the beach is almost guaranteed fund when the sun is shining, but one part of the adventure that isn’t so much fun is trying to keep sand, sunblock and saltwater from making a big mess of your car.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep the beach at the beach and your car clean at the end of an awesome day enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

Prepare rather than repair

It is much better to be prepared for the inevitable mess that goes hand in hand with a trip to the beach rather than having to spend ages repairing the damage and disarray that things like saltwater and sand can cause inside your car.

A good way of controlling and preventing potential soiling of your seats and debris to clean is to get them covered up.

You can protect your seats using car seat covers from someone like ShearComfort.com so that you quickly and easily clean away any mess and just as importantly, protect your car seat fabric at the same time.

It is definitely easier to remove and shake out some protective covers than trying to clean the original fabric on your car seats, so protect your car to avoid the task of trying to remove sand from all of those little crevices that it seems to be able to find.

Carry a big jug of water on board

You will probably be taking some drinking water with you anyway, but it is worth remembering that not every beach has a set of showers so that you can wash away the sand and saltwater from your body.

If you keep a big jug of water in your car with you on your beach trip, you could use it to rinse off your feet at least before you get in the car, and that can make a big difference to the amount of sand that finds its way onto your mats and carpets, ready to be ground as you move around.

Line the trunk

The trunk is especially vulnerable to beach sand and all the remnants of your day out, so give it some protection by lining the trunk with an old sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty.

A lot of your beach gear is going to go straight into the trunk at the end of the day, so lining it with a protective sheet will make it a lot easier to just shake off any sand when you get home and put the sheet in the laundry.

When you get home

You can do plenty of things to protect the inside of your car so that you don’t bring the beach home with you but the outside is almost inevitably going to accumulate some sand and salt water.

Try to get the hose out as soon as possible and clean your car after you get home and rinse the undercarriage with some fresh water, so that any saltwater or sand residue doesn’t get the chance to do some harm.

A day at the beach is awesome fun and managing to keep your car as clean as possible will make the experience even more pleasurable.

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