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Filing an Auto Insurance Claim – Why Is This Not Always a Good Idea?

The number of automobile owners is always increasing. Hardly there may be a time when the automobile market saw a low sale point. With the increasing number of vehicle sales, there is an obvious rise in demand for the automobile insurance claims. Today, there are millions of vehicles running on the road, and unfortunately out of those thousands meet with accidents every day due to various reasons, be it driver’s fault, bad weather or roads, etc.

It is quite obvious that you will file for a claim, god forbidden once you meet with an accident. However, is it an ideal thing to do? Here is a list of situations, which tells you when not to claim your insurance money:

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You have moving violations on your record

Auto insurance company quote you the rates according to your driving experience. If you have got a lot of tickets on your license and you have violated the traffic rules many a times, then probably insurance company will increase your premiums. In such a case, if you file your claim, it is very likely that you end up in loss, as they will further increase the rates.

The claim is slightly more than the deductible

Deductible amount is very important to consider when you are filing for a claim. If your deductible amount is say for example $1000 and the claiming amount is $1200, in such a case you get overall only $200.

So it is better to repair your automobile from your own pocket rather than taking all the trouble of getting only a little amount. Sometimes it is good to increase your deductible amount because it will benefit in the long run. It will lower your annual premiums significantly, and in the longer run may pay for itself.

The damaged caused could be prevented

If the reason of a road accident is your carelessness, then it is very unlikely for your claim to be approved. Insurers do the detailed research on the cause of accident or the damage done to your vehicle.

If they find out that you could have easily prevented the damage and it was caused due to your negligence, then they will refuse to pay. Therefore, it is better not to claim for your negligence.

Damage involving complicated problems

Sometimes your vehicle may get damaged and needs a repair, which is very complicated. Insurers do not like such complicated cases involving a lot of difficulties. Some might even refuse to pay you and ask you to go through the policy saying it doesn’t cover such cases.

Another reason is that most of the insurers use a common database, and if you file for a claim, then your case will be recorded. Thus, in case your insurance company refuses to continue with you and you are looking for another insurer, then it is of no use. Since they all might refuse to pay for the damage. Moreover, it could lead to other problems related to selling your vehicle.

Chance where another party can pay

Though this doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes if you have suffered a loss in accident, which was not caused by you, then the insurer of other person may pay you. In this case, you do not need to file for a claim with your insurance company.

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