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Enjoying Greener Driving

Green driving is something that will be able to help you save money while also working to help out the environment. The best part is that you do not have to make drastic changes in order to make a world of difference, unless you are willing to take the time and make the commitment.

Businesses that have a range of cars can often find that they save a lot of money in car costs by implementing these tips.

These are some great tips we got from cheapfleet.co.uk that can help you with your greener driving goals:

Try Traveling Light

Take out extra items in your vehicle that do not need to be there. The lighter your vehicle is, the easier it will be on gas.

Speed Is A Factor

Believe it or not, the faster you are going, the more that you are using in terms of fuel. For example, if you are going 70 miles per hour, you are going to be using up roughly 9% more fuel than you would be if you were driving at 60 miles per hour. Be conscious of your speed and take the time to drive a bit slower.

Stay Streamlined

Having items on top of your vehicle such as roof racks or bike racks and luggage can take up more fuel and put more emissions out into the atmosphere. Try to only pack these things and use them as needed.

Tire Inflation

Tires that are not inflated properly can lead to more consumption of fuel on longer rolling distances. Make sure that you always keep track of your tires for optimal results. Check out this site for a list of tyre pressures .

Air Conditioning

For a lot of drivers, it can be habit when it comes to keeping the air conditioner on. If you are driving at a slower speed, the air conditioner can eat up fuel. It is important that you think of opening the windows when you are just traveling short distances. However, when you are on the highway and traveling faster, the air conditioner will be more effective.

Stopping, Starting And Breaking Techniques

The more that you stop and start, the more fuel you will be using. Slamming on your breaks can cause you to use more fuel as well. Instead of hitting the breaks abruptly, always dry to decelerate slow and smooth. You will also be using less fuel if you accelerate slowly instead of hitting the gas quickly to take off.

Gear Changes

Try not to wait too long before you go up to the next gear and it can help you to reduce your use of fuel. A good rule of thumb is changing gears at around 2000 rpm if you are driving a diesel and about 2,500 rpm if a gas powered car.

Cut Down

Finally, you will see that one of the absolute best ways to help the environment is by cutting down on driving whenever you can. Green driving can mean giving up the car once in a while and opting to ride a bike or even walk on shorter distances.

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