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Maintainance Tips

Automotive catalysts converters

Every day to the roads of major cities come millions of cars, each of which is a source of air pollution. Therefore, to solve the pollution problems, each country produces laws that set the acceptable level of pollution for cars. Catalytic converters, or simply catalysts are the devices in the ...

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How To Keep Your Fleet Cars In Top Shape

Even though petrol prices are already sky high and about to go higher, that isn’t the primary concern that most companies have when it comes to running their fleets. In a recent survey conducted by Alphabet, a fleet management firm, they found out that learning how to better control the ...

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The Best Acid Battery Maintenance Technique

Anything on earth that you want to have a long life must be given proper care and sustenance. If this is true for human, animal and plant life, it is also true of lead-acid batteries particularly those used in electric golf carts. Just as earthly life easily waste away when ...

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How to Assemble an Emergency Kit for Your Car?

Having a car emergency kit is critical for any driver. Even if you make minimal trips in your vehicle, you just never know when you’ll run into an emergency. If you commute to work or drive long distances, having an emergency kit is even more important, because your chances of a disaster ...

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