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The Novice’s Guide to Franchise Ownership

Owning a franchise is often among the most convenient ways to attain business ownership without the trials that accompany starting a brand new enterprise. From branding and naming a business to recognition and advertising strategy, operating a franchise may provide you with the resources you need to ensure a successful ...

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How to Pick the Right Car Insurance Company

Choosing the right car insurance company is tough. Drivers are legally required to have coverage, so companies know they have the upper hand when they are shopping around. Car insurance is an interesting industry because of the sheer amount of companies. The competition between them is what helps keep prices ...

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3 DIY Car Repairs Anyone Can Do

Most people are very intimidated by the thought of tinkering with their cars when there’s a problem with it. Heck, most people get overwhelmed just thinking about a do-it-yourself oil change. But there are quite a few car repairs that anyone can do, regardless of skill or technical knowledge about ...

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