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Buy a Used Jaguar XF and Enjoy a Great Car

There’s no doubt the Jaguar has designed and built some iconic cars over the years but in recent times the car maker has excelled itself to create brilliant cars which is underlined by a used Jaguar XF.


This head turning car is the dynamic equivalent of a BMW 5-Series but a used Jaguar XF has much more personality and charisma.

Jaguar isn’t a firm to rest on its laurels and is always looking to develop and revamp its model line-up.

This is true of the Jaguar XF which was introduced to great acclaim and was given a facelift in 2011 which made it even more popular.

The used Jaguar XF is in great demand because apart from its stylish good looks, it has an excellent supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine and a fuel efficient diesel engine.

The result means that the used Jaguar XF is still sporty and responsive to handling and provides an excellent driving experience and many diehard Jaguar fans will even acknowledge that the V6 is much better than the incredibly popular 5.0 litre V8 which was previously fitted to the XF.

For diesel fans, those buying a used Jaguar XF have a choice which includes the refined 2.2 litre version which brings excellent economy – around 55 mpg – as well as driving performance though the 3.0 litre diesel S brings much more power and torque.

Used Jaguar XF driving performance

Economy for the used Jaguar XF is also helped by the firm’s eight speed automatic transmission which has a stop/start system, which is fitted on diesels too, to help get more miles out of the fuel tank.

One of the strengths for owning a Jaguar is its reliance on the firm’s English sports car heritage and a used Jaguar XF delivers on several fronts. The XF is a great car to drive.

Drivers of a used Jaguar XF will find that the steering and suspension help deliver a dynamic driving experience; the rear-drive chassis keeps the car on the road by offering a smooth ride.

Buyers of a used Jaguar XF will also enjoy what the best equipped cars in the executive class. There’s no doubt that the car delivers on the luxury front and few cars have so much equipment in the comfort of the cabin.

Equipment levels for a used Jaguar XF

Sometimes it’s the little touches which helps sets a luxury car apart from the rest. Owners of a used Jaguar XF will enjoy such things as the gear selector rising from the dashboard when they start the car and being able to open the glove box by waving their finger in front of a sensor

In addition, the build quality for Jaguars is impressive and the car is built to last which also explains why the values for a used Jaguar XF are higher than for its competitors after three and five years.

There’s no doubt that the Jaguar XF has created strong competition within the executive car sector, particularly for BMW and Audi, by using its striking looks and luxury levels of finish.

Buy a used Jaguar XF

For these reasons, the Jaguar XF is one of the big sellers in its market segment and finding a used Jaguar XF means you will find a great car but there will, undoubtedly, be others willing to purchase it as much as you do.

With strong residual values for these cars, the buyer of a used Jaguar XF can be reassured that their investment in such an iconic vehicle will be repaid by the fact that it will be worth more than its competitors and that this will also help make car finance packages cheaper.

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