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3 New Car Companies To Watch In 2014

Every year car makers and manufacturers roll out an inordinate amount of new car models and update their existing inventory. While body redesigns and upgraded engines can be exciting to be sure, there isn’t anything quite as exciting in the world of cars than an all new car manufacturer. In 2013 we’ve seen the rise of several new car makers making this one of the most unique time periods in the history of the industry.

3 New Car Companies To Watch In 2013


Could one really start an article about car manufacturing anywhere else? The story of Tesla is among the most dramatic rises we’ve seen anywhere since, well Ford. Tesla is located in San Jose, California which is odd in itself. When’s the last time we had a major American car maker based outside of the MidWest, it has frankly never happened. Tesla’s also unique in that they make the cars completely on American soil, assembling the final product in the San Francisco Bay Area within miles of their corporate headquarters. The brand has been so successful that it seems almost passé to note that the cars are 100% plug in electric’s and that a recent test by Car and Driver Magazine, ranked their high end sports car the best car they’ve ever test. Ever. For a region like the Bay Area, having America’s biggest car manufacturer as well as the assorted social media and technology companies as well, simply seems like an embarrassment of riches.


We’ve all seen Smart Cars on the freeway and thought that the drivers just might be taking their lives into their hands, right? Tango takes that to an entirely new level as seating amounts to space for a single driver. It’s a skinny little car that might actually work for city drivers in 3rd world countries where the only consistent parking spaces available are there for motorcycles. For me, this thing just makes an encounter with a SUV seem too likely to result in a serious problem.


The Chinese make a large percentage of what we use on a daily basis and we’ve certainly seen other countries help to bank roll airplane and car manufacturers with varying levels of success, so a government backing here makes sense. This is the Chinese governments best bet at breaking into the lucrative American auto market, which is often easier said than done. It took close to a generation for Korean owned Kia and Hyundai to gain enough critical respect and consumer acceptance to turn a profit on their American brands. The good news for BYD (Build Your Dreams reportedly is the preferred moniker) is that the Chinese government views creating their own domestic car manufacturer as a top priority and given the manufacturing might of the country, I think it is fair to say that success here is largely a matter of time.

I hope you have enjoyed this short intro to a few new car brands, who knows one of these might just be the Jaguar, or even the next Ford!

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